We want a drone-powered personal cloud that follows us around!

No: I can't go - it's my dad's birthday.

Hiking: I've never had it so good

I love how accessible the San Francisco Bay Area is to hikers.

I grew up in Oxford, and then lived in Edinburgh for many years. They're both beautiful and surrounded by countryside, too. In particular, in Oxford I became used to hiking up to Shotover to watch the sunset or take pictures over the Thames Valley. Shotover inspired both Narnia and Middle Earth, but its beauty and variety fades in comparison with San Francisco.

Twenty minutes in the car can bring me to waves crashing against cliffsides; to rolling, green hills; to pine-scented woodland; to vineyards; to marinas and paddleboats. There's even an English pub nestled in the Marin hills, as if flown brick-by-brick across the Atlantic.

Sometimes, I kick myself that it took so long for me to get here. I'm so glad this is where I am.

Nike Missile Site SF-51

Abandoned in 1974, and now looking a little worse for wear.

Taking a walk along the Pacifica waterfront

Erin had an unpleasant encounter with a seagull.

The beach at Pacifica

Pretty, but also the site of some pretty horrible shark attacks.

The San Francisco Bay was discovered from this spot.

The first recorded European discovery, that is - of course, there were plenty of indigenous people who had been here before. These days, it's a nice place to see both the Pacific Ocean and flights taking off from SFO.